NO on Prop 105

Transit opponents have forced an anti-light rail proposition onto Phoenix's August ballot.  This is serious business, as it would end all light rail expansion and, depending on how strictly courts would interpret the language, could even harm our existing light rail system over time by restricting investment.

It's critical that all urbanists and transit supporters vote NO on Prop 105.  If you would like to help us defeat this proposition, please contribute or reach out to us to volunteer.

Key dates:

July 31: Early voting opens at City Hall.  (15th floor)

Aug 21: Last day to safely mail back an early ballot.

Aug 24: (Sat) Voting Centers open 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Aug 26: (Mon) Voting Centers open 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Aug 27: (Tue) Voting Centers open 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  (Election Day)

It's too late to mail back early ballots, but you can hand deliver early ballots (signed & sealed) or cast your vote directly at any voting center.  Here's the map of voting centers citywide.

(If there is a line and you're only turning in an early ballot, you don't have to wait. Just walk to the front and hand it in.)

More info:

  • Prop 105 would amend the City Charter (which is like our city's constitution) to forbid investment in light rail.

  • Prop 105 wouldn't just stop light rail, though -- it would forbid investment by the City of Phoenix into ANY fixed rail projects.  That means we'd never see commuter rail, Amtrak, or Phoenix-to-Tucson rail either.

  • If Prop 105 passes, we will lose billions of dollars from the federal government that are planned for our transit network.

  • This was forced onto the August ballot by a few wealthy landowners who spent $200,000 on paid signature collectors.

  • One of the "community leaders" that started Prop 105 to kill light rail actually went to a Council meeting and said that God killed Congressman Ed Pastor because he supported the light rail.

  • Here's the full text of the ballot measure (along with Prop 106).

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