PAC FAQ to use later

Why should I contribute to a PAC rather than directly to a candidate?


You could certainly contribute directly to a candidate, but urbanists consolidating our contributions into a PAC is also a way to develop a more powerful voice.  For example, take 30 urbanists who like a particular candidate for their positions on urbanist issues.  If they each give $100 to that candidate, then those donations will generally be seen by the candidate as a number of small donations often with no direct context.


But if those 30 urbanists instead contribute that money to UPP PAC, and UPP PAC then contributes to that candidate, then those many small contributions become one large contribution – and since it's from us, the candidate will know the contribution is in support of their urbanist principles.  Knowing there is real support for those principles helps candidates stay committed in a world which is pulling them in many directions.

Why is Urban Phoenix Project PAC necessary?

Special interest groups that are just out to protect their bottom line have a lot of power in Phoenix City Hall.  We decided it was time to build a stronger voice for citizens who want a better Phoenix.

Through UPP PAC we have created just that.  Now concerned citizens looking for a more urban Phoenix have a way to amplify their voice in City of Phoenix elections to demand more urbanist policies.

How do you decide which candidates to contribute to and endorse?

We assess voting records where those are available, we ask candidates to complete a questionnaire, and we try to interact with the candidates to understand their positions on urbanist issues.  With this information collected, UPP PAC’s board then deliberates on who to contribute to and if any candidates are aligned strongly enough with our Principles to earn an endorsement.

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